Granite Tile Flooring for Ottawa Bathrooms

Granite Tiles in Review
Granite is a hard natural stone with a high density. Granite is an igneous rock formed from the thickening and eventual hardening of flowing lava over time through natural processes. Other rock and mineral formations that appear in granite are quartz, mica and feldspar, which all result from the crystallization of lava. Granites hardness can be compared to diamonds and is an extremely heavy material that appears in large masses in granite quarries. The stone is then cut with heavy-duty machinery for commercial purposes, and is made into slabs to be shipped off and further cut for countertops and tiles. The overall crystal, quartz and speckled appearance of granite is uniform, though the colours and the veining may differ. Granite can be used for interiors and exteriors and there are quarries located in Canada. In fact, the gargoyles on the Peace Tower at the Canadian Parliament buildings in Ottawa are made out of granite found in Quebec. Ottawa is a flourishing city, the fourth largest in Canada. Many new homes are being built there and due to its closeness to Quebec, granite from Montreal is often used for tile flooring in Ottawa.
Luxurious Bathrooms
A current trending style in new homes is to have granite tiled bathrooms. This gives the room a sophisticated and unique look. The richness of speckled granite contributes to the luxurious feel that every bathroom should have. Bathrooms are smaller than the other rooms in a house, so you can have fun decorating them and may opt for larger tiles for the floor and small square or rectangle ones for accent pieces on the vanity. Experimenting with colors is another idea that you may wish to discuss with your contractor and granite tile provider. Use the speckles or veins that are visible in the granite colour you've chosen and team those colours with another granite or natural stone to compliment. Often you will see homeowners that have used black granite tiles with white and crystal veins match those tiles with smaller white granite tiles with black flecks and veins. Another common color grouping is the pinkish-hued granite tiles combined with black granite tiles that have a slight pink undertone. One item to remember when choosing granite for bathrooms is that it may get quite slippery due to its high-gloss seal. However, as in most bathrooms, bath mats are put near the shower to avoid any water splashing out from the shower stall onto your floor. It is highly recommended that you remember to buy good bath mats that add to the design and feel of your luxurious bathroom.
Granite tiling can be an investment but once you have it installed in your home, you'll never have to worry about renovating again. It has a classic and finished look that can only increase the net worth of your home. Consider using granite tiles in your bathroom or kitchen when renovating your home, or if buying a new house, speak to the contractor about installing them.